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  • Mar 28

    A Jockey's Perspective

    The energy at the Gaming Commission’s public input meeting on the Mohegan Sun proposal was amazing. Horsemen and women were among the dozens of impassioned advocates for the project. Owners, trainers, jockeys, veterinarians and track workers told the Commission that this was the only opportunity to save and upgrade the racetrack, preserve 1,000 racetrack jobs, create 4,000 new jobs and bring millions in revenue to Revere. Read why jockey Janelle Campbell is in support of the $1.3 billion project to create a resort style development at Suffolk Downs.

  • Mar 19

    Barn Talk

    Greetings -- Our barn area opens Sunday to receive horses for the 2014 racing season. Coincidentally, the barn area is in the local news for another reason: not surprisingly, opponents to Mohegan Sun's proposal are flinging some manure and trying to make hay by creating false controversy. 

    To be clear, Suffolk Downs is on Mass Historic Commission's Inventory list and not on the National or State Historical Registers.  Inclusion on the inventory does not mean that a property is eligible for listing in the National or State Register. In fact, the MHC itself says that the Inventory "includes the properties listed in the State Register as well as thousands of others that may or may not be eligible for listing in the State Register.

    MHC's comment letter on Mohegan Sun's Notice of Project Change is a standard part of the permitting process. Mohegan Sun has always factored the MHC consultation process into its development and construction timeline and nothing in today's story changes that timeline - a timeline that is much more realistic and much shorter than the competing proposal in Everett and its substantial environmental challenges.  

    At Suffolk Downs, we appreciate MHC's interest in the preservation of racing and our historic racetrack and grandstand, understanding that the only opportunity for that preservation is the success of the Mohegan Sun's proposal, and we look forward to working with MHC and other groups as we advance our plans to preserve and enhance the racing operation. 

  • Mar 15

    Suffolk Downs Update

    Suffolk Downs is committed to continuing its proud tradition of Thoroughbred racing and we're especially looking forward to the start of a new season on May 3. As it has been in the news recently, I wanted to update everyone on our proposal to relocate the barn area and maintenance facilities to the Boston side of Suffolk Downs' property. 

    We initially met with our neighbors on Waldemar Ave to talk about this in January, explaining that because Mohegan Sun’s proposal to develop a world-class resort casino in Revere would utilize much of our existing barn area, we are looking seriously at the option of moving the stabling for our horses to the Boston side of the property. 

    In an effort to create the least impact to our neighbors, the project would be limited to the north side of the property closest to Revere. It would include putting up to 740 stalls on the first and second floor of the existing grandstand, three 42-stall barns between the grandstand and the Mohegan Sun project, along with a maintenance shed and a receiving/test barn. All of this would be beautified with walk ways, paddock fencing, plantings and green areas. 

    An unexpected benefit to this project will be decreasing the amount of “process water” generated by Suffolk Downs, by reducing outdoor areas in which horses are stabled from 15.2 acres in our current operation to 2.9 acres in the new plan.

    Today, the majority of process water from the current barn area is stored in a holding pond in the infield and then pumped into the Boston water and sewer system. That would continue but the project would reduce the amount of process water discharged into the Boston water and sewer system by approximately 80%. 

    It is important to note that Mohegan Sun's project is separate from the proposed relocation of the barn area and, if Mohegan Sun earns a gaming license, that development will move ahead on its own whether or not we are able to relocate horse stalls in Boston or to a remote location.  Our preference is to keep them here, both to continue the tradition of racing and training on-site and to lessen the potential hardship on the hardworking men and women who take care of the horses here. We are committed to working with our neighbors and with Mayor Walsh's team to do this in a way that works for everyone.  

    As always, if you have any questions, please email me at

  • Feb 13

    Get The Facts

    Dear Friends,

    Over the past four days Revere residents have been receiving automated phone calls and direct mail from an outside group with a vested financial interest in the Wynn Casino in Everett raising questions about who will own and manage the Mohegan Sun Resort at Suffolk Downs.

    I wanted to share a few pieces of information with you.

    • • Mohegan Sun will be operating the facility and is responsible for all payments to the City Of Revere. Mohegan Sun will have complete operational control over all aspects of the development and will manage the resort casino in Revere. We run the most profitable casino in the Western Hemisphere and have a network of 3 million customers in New England.
    • • Brigade Capital will provide the capital to build the $1.3 billion resort casino at Suffolk Downs. Suffolk Downs will continue to own the property.
    • • Mohegan Sun Massachusetts will be built on 42 acres of Suffolk Downs property in Revere. As the landlord for the resort casino, Suffolk Downs will be able to continue racing and preserve 800 jobs at the track.

    Again, these mailings and phone calls were paid for by UNITE HERE Local 26, a Boston union that supports the Wynn casino in Everett.  What they have not told you is that they have a financial interest in the success of the Everett proposal.

    If you have further questions please give me a call at 617-306-2897 or send me an email  


    Pete Schultz

  • Jan 15

    Commitment to East Boston

    A lot has happened since our November 5th ballot questions. This week, Chip Tuttle wrote an open letter to our neighbors in East Boston to keep them informed as Suffolk Downs moves forward leasing the Revere side of their property to Mohegan Sun.  In his letter, Chip Tuttle details their next steps and confirms Suffolk Downs' commitment to East Boston. Click here to read the letter.

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